Leading Ladies Artbook

Leading Ladies is a kickstarter project that got backed thanks to the lovely help of my backers.

For the past two years, I have been selling my art work at comic conventions (and other similar events) across the UK.

In early 2015 I decided I wanted to create a portfolio to not only showcase my various styles of artwork to prospective clients but also deliver my art to my growning community of fans that have supported me.

Whilst starting to compile my artwork I thought to myself 'why not have a theme?' and thus the idea of the Leading Ladies Artbook was born.

Unfortunately there was no way I could afford such a project on my own. So I turned to Kickstarter - a crowdfunding website which allows people to contribute to the production costs of the project.
At this stage I was only acting on a whim and never could have anticipated the overwhelming support I would receive from family, friends, fans and even strangers!
Within 30 days I had reached my target amount and so could now afford to produce the Leading Ladies Artbook.

The Leading Ladies Artbook features prominent female characters from all branches of pop culture.
There are feature a selection of my existing works along with new and exclusive pieces and even some concept drawings and roughs.

Please take the time to read the list of Thanks below as without these people this book would not exist and you would not be reading this blurb.


Thank you to my Mum and Dad - not only for your support with this project but for everything.

Thank you to my Leading Lady Rosie - you are my inspiration.

Thank you to Kakhonje 'KJ' Zimba of Palmark Consultancy for giving me my first paid art job and continued encouragement - check out his website here: www.http://palmark.co.uk

Thank you to Stacy Bolter who built my website and helps with any marketing advice I need.

And finally thank you to all the wonderful people who pledged on Kickstarter - without you, my book would not exist. Find your name below!

- Hannah O'Malley-Montero

- Kelly Angel
- Joe Booth
- Andy Marshall
- Lee Parker
- Becky Potter

- Rochelle & Tom Cottrell
- Chris Hill
- Mike Kauffman
- Ashley Mongold
- Lyle Moulson
- UK Comics

- Carrie & Steve Gascoigne
- Emma

- Diane & Peter Booth
- Jatinder Ghataora
- Erin Gillings
- Jenny & Raymond Rodgers

- Chris G
- Keith G
- Andrew Payne

- Lady Rosone The Great, Terrible and Fabulous