Leading Ladies Sketchbook – Kickstarter Campaign

Hi everyone,
For the past year, I have been selling my art work at comic conventions across the UK with great success.
Now I would very much like to create a sketchbook/art book to sell at these conventions (and online via my store).

The sketchbook I am currently working on is called ‘Leading Ladies’ and will feature prominent female characters from all branches of pop culture. The 20-30 page soft cover book will feature a selection of my current work along with new and exclusive pieces and even some concept drawings and roughs.

I’m very excited to get this project off the ground as a sketchbook is great way to deliver my art to fans inexpensively as well as being a fantastic way to introduce new customers to my style. Plus I can’t wait to share my work with people!

Unfortunately there’s no way I can afford to fund this project myself. Therefore I have decided to crowd-fund it using Kickstarter.
This is where you guys come in!… Any amount of money you can spare or a even a simple share of this post is greatly appreciated!
Those who contribute will be rewarded in true Kickstarter fashion. You can choose to simply receive a copy of the book on completion or even have a personalised commission from me.

Click here to visit the campaign page and for more information.

Then fingers crossed, if I reach my funding goal, I should have a new sketchbook to offer at conventions in 2016.

Thanks for reading!